Ausital is the leader in the production and sale of food packaging supplies.

The experience accrued in our fifty years in the manufacturing business and in our relations with the market has guided the Company over the years toward product diversification. In particular, we have expanded our product offer in the last 8 years to include a large range of paper products and have begun to produce heat-formed containers for delicatessen and confectionery.

Our products are made up of three distinct product lines, which, together with our commercial and sales structure, aim to provide our customers with an added value in terms of superior quality, care and courteous assistance we consider essential to achieve customer satisfaction.

Speaking of numbers we can say that our Company is a reality entirely Italian with 2 establishments of 10,000 sq. covering an area of 20,000 sq. and a third under construction, innovation and technology on an area of 10.000 sq. that will be destined exclusively to the production and warehousing of plastic materials. All three buildings in the same industrial area of Borgo a Mozzano (Lucca).

Our manufacturing and commercial structure, strong and well-organised at industrial level, employs 50 people to give us the most extensive coverage of Italy and around the world.

Ausital is your point of reference in the food paper and food plastic wrapping field. The success of this entrepreneurial activity is in the management with its still family heart and the strong attention in the production processes, matched with an accurate selection of the raw materials; these come from suppliers leaders in the market with whom Ausital has created stable partnerships.

Our products are suitable for use in the food industry thanks to:

  • the pernickety sanitary conditions in our departments
  • our provident check during processes namely due to the absence of
    environmental contaminants by outside factors

In addition, our Company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified (certificate nr. 167421) about our food paper products and multi-purpose OPS, PET and PLA containers. This certification has been given us by BV Bureau Veritas, International Certification Company.